What happens one summer, when the best friend and buddy you ever had in your whole life turns out to be a girl instead of a boy like you and she is trapped in a family with an abusive father? You find a way to get her off of the mountain and into the city. And you make her your college roommate. You help her find a job, get a G.E.D. and become a nurse.

Back home after graduation, Jim is a teacher and Curly is a nurse. An angry abusive father with the help of thirteen relatives with shotguns force Jim and Curly to deal with their true feelings for one another.

Later Curly is called as nurse for Ann’s sick baby. When Ann’s baby dies, Curly decides to become a doctor. Ann runs away to the city. Ann’s husband and two of his buddies rape Curly for revenge on Jimmy’s birthday. The following year, Curly goes to medical school and Jim works in a store. Then Curly gives birth to their lovechild, Lenore.

A month later, Curly brings Ann home for some payback and falls in love with Ann. Curly promises to share Jimmy with Ann and that when Ann is twenty-one Ann can have their second lovechild.

Does Jim bail or does he come to love Ann as much as Curly loves Ann?

What happens when the Love Nest scandal hits the front page and Curly gets her fifteen minutes of fame?

Follow the trail to Adventure and Romance with Curly, Ann, and Jimmy and their children.