Songs by Paul David Robinson

Have You Ever Been To Italy Or Spain

by Paul David Robinson

Have You Ever Been To Italy Or Spain - Lyrics

Have you ever been to Italy or Spain?
Have you ever seen the Taj Mahal in India?
Have you been to the mountaintop
where ancient temples stand
and met the Djinn there,
the spirits of the past?
Have you ever loved someone
so much you gave yourself,
Heart and Mind, Body and Soul
with weakness and with strength.
I have not been to Italy or Spain.
I have not seen the Taj Mahal in India.
But I have been to the mountaintop
Where ancient ruins lie
and I have met the spirits of the past.
And I love you with all my heart,
with all my mind, Body and Soul
in weakness and in strength.

We Seek Thy Face God - Lyrics

We seek thy face, O God
To introduce ourselves to thee
We look in every place
Where you are supposed to be
And find them all empty.
Where are you Lord
Tell us That we may see
And touch and believe.

Death Thou Art A Friend To Me - Lyrics

Death Death
Thou art a Friend to me
Thou art my destiny
Thou art eternity.
Death O Death
I feel your close cold touch.
It takes my breath away
For this could be the day.
Death, O death
You bring and end to me
You give me peace
and dreamless sleep
Death Death
Death O Death
Thou art a friend
to me.

He Looks Into Your Eyes - Lyrics

He looks into your eyes
and sees the sorrow there and shame
You know he sees your heart
and all that’s in your mind.
O my Lord, Oh-oh, Oh, my Lord
Lord of all I ought to be
O my Lord, Oh-oh, Oh my Lord
Free my Soul from sin and death
Lord of my heart, Free my mind
Give me strength, to my soul
so that I may love you
with my life and my neighbor too.

Silently How Silently - Lyrics

Silently how silently the teardrops do fall
Streaming down to wet the earth with
All the freshness of dew.
Tears of our sorrow and tears of our joy
All the tears of all the world
Bring God’s Love to me and you.
Water of Life, water of Death
Come and fill the whole wide world
With your cleanliness.
When our tears are falling
Our tears are never vain
As the raindrops grow the flowers
Our tears make us whole again.
So do not mind the tears
of grief for there is joy
Crying out in every tear
That flows from each of our eyes.

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