Allie was the first child born on the Solar Wind, a spacecraft on a twenty-year mission to survey the asteroids for the United Nations. Nippon-American built the spacecraft and provided the crew. The UN provided the scientific staff from all over the world.
The staff and crew of the Solar Wind were expected to be sterile by the end of the voyage so they were required to leave ova and sperm deposits on earth for future use. Women will not be permitted to give birth to a child on the spacecraft and agree in writing to terminate any pregnancy.
This is Allie’s Adventure: How she came to be, why she was kept as the ship’s mascot, and became the first of thirty-five children secretly born on the Solar Wind.


The first time Allie went with her parents into the hub for their scheduled freefall exercises, Allie wanted to nurse. Consuelo fed her on demand. So Consuelo slipped her arms out of her jumpsuit and pulled it down over her breasts. Mario unhooked her bra and Consuelo took it off. Mario shoved it into a pocket of his jumpsuit.

Consuelo held Allie in her arms and Allie began to nurse. Mario opened all the doors on their way. They took the elevator instead of the stairs so Allie could nurse without Consuelo climbing the steps.

They stepped into the airlock to the exercise room in the hub. The door swung closed behind them. They waited for the air pressure to adjust. Then the airlock door swung in. They stepped out of the way and then stepped toward the opening.

Mario put his arms around Consuelo who held Allie in her arms. Allie was still on the first breast.

At a sign from the aides in the exercise room, Mario did a little jump out of the airlock. With his arms around his wife and daughter, the three floated out of the airlock and into the exercise room in the hub. They were weightless.

Mario was able to do this without vertigo because the zero g exercise room was surrounded with walls. It wasn’t the same as being out in space without any boundaries. He could do this, but he could not exercise in the net outside. That was too overwhelming. The net was not enough of a boundary for him. He could still see the stars.