In 1952 on a Kentucky mountain, Jimmy and Curly are trapped by history and poverty. There are no roads. You walk or ride a mule or a horse, if you have one. What happens one summer, when the best friend and buddy you ever had in your whole life turns out to be a girl instead of a boy like you? You are best friends in high school and roommates in college. Then an abusive father with a shotgun changes everything: The brother you never had; who became the sister you never had; may actually be the lover you never had? “Curly,” Jimmy said, “We don’t have a choice. Things change. Everyone dies. We have to do the best we can to make the kind of life we want. And sometimes we just have to live with the life we get.” Follow the trail to adventure and romance with Jimmy and Curly.


PAGES 53-63

About two weeks later, Monday, August 24, 1953, I was up on top of the windmill.
I was replacing a blade that had fallen off. I was wearing the safety harness and I was hooked to the safety ring. And over the safety harness, I wore the leather tool-pouch tied around my waist.
Next thing I knew, I heard Curly say, “Wow! You can see your whole farm from here. But I can’t see our farm. There are too many trees in the way.”
I looked over at the adjacent support post and there was Curly. She was perched on top of the post with her legs wrapped around the crosspieces.
I said, “Curly, you shouldn’t be up here. It’s a long way down.”