In 1904, Roger Andrews bought a canyon from Barnaby Collins because he loved it so much. He was tired of all the work involved in being the owner of a big store in Ohio. As a lark, Roger, Claire and their five children are taking a covered wagon to their new home following spring into the mountains.

Roger is killed. Claire cuts her waist-length hair and puts on Roger’s clothes and poses as big brother Clarence to get them safely to their destination. While being the valley’s most eligible bachelor, she falls in love with Chad who works for the villain who wants the canyon and will do anything to get it.

Claire is 28 years old, 5’10”. Roger was 6′.   It is easy for her to wear Roger’s clothes and her riding boots and become Roger C. Andrews, (But I go by my middle name, Clarence or Clare for short. She had been signing his name to all the checks for years.)

Their new home is in Collins Canyon below Misty Mountain and the twin falls. The high falls is so high the water forms a mist that gives the mountain its name.  The Misty River then flows over the lower falls, through Collins Canyon, down the rapids, past Twin Falls City, and on through Triangle Valley.

George Royce has tried to kill Barnaby Collins for ten years so he can build a dam and irrigate thousands of acres of land above the valley. So, of course, he makes plans for Clarence Andrews.