Fifth Volume of Poetry: Falling in Love is my fifth volume of poetry. These poems were written between July 1977 and October 1981. They were written for and about two different women.
One woman dumped me after I fell in love with her in 1977. Even though we never had sex, it took three years for me to get over her.
The second woman became my best friend and then my mistress in 1978. After she moved away in 1979, we kept in touch by letter and telephone. I missed her so much that within a year, I was ready to move in with her and be a family with her and her child and my son. It never happened.
I hope you will enjoy reading and learning from my life experience. I try to give you a hint of all the feelings I had as I wrote the poems. Every one of us has to struggle to be good and kind and loving.
I have loved many girls and women in my life. And a part of me still loves them all. I wish you a lifetime of loving and caring for others and being loved and cared for.


Do not be discouraged
Be strong in yourself
I who love you
am with you
In mind an spirit and feeling
Though we are physically apart
you have my heart
And when we get together again
even if it is only for a moment
We will renew our love
with a caress

August 27,1980