This is Volume One in the Life After Earth Series.  Katya is one of 24 women and 8 men serving as sex therapists who are to provide shore leave for the staff and crew of the SOLAR WIND on a 20-year voyage to the asteroids.

Sex therapists are part of the Psychology staff responsible for research into the affects of long term space flight on the staff and crew and their well being as a community. Nippon-American built the Orbital Complex or O-C (oh see) at L5 and the SOLAR WIND (spacecraft) for the UN. The UN wants Nippon-American to tag asteroids for future use. The company wants to orbit asteroids behind the moon.

Katya falls in love with Alex.  Alex falls in love with Iliss.  Iliss is married to Jack who is in love with Miko who is Alex’s former lover and Katya’s best friend. While waiting for Alex to notice her, Katya gets involved with Gregor a brilliant psychotic bisexual spy.  Later, Katya falls in love with Iliss.

Falling in love twice complicates Katya’s life and job. How do you hide affairs from 320 people on a spacecraft the size of a city block?  Gregor murders a woman thinking he murdered Katya and is very happy to find out his mistake because he can murder Katya again.  Then another tragedy strikes and Iliss is killed.  Alex and Katya grieve as they start their twenty-year space voyage.

The company plots to destroy the Solar Wind community in space and back on Earth to get control of thousands of patents and all of the telepathic children who would be perfect industrial spies. Alex and the company CEO play a deadly cat and mouse game until the very last moment.