LIGHT AND TENDER BLUE and Other Stories from the Sixties is a collection of fourteen short stories or novelettes written between 1960 and 1964. One or more can be labeled: Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Race Relations, or Satire. They were written while the author was in high school and college in the sixties. They have never been published before. They are in the order for the best read. However, you can read them in any order that you choose. I hope you will enjoy reading them.


When I opened the door to my room, Don was there. I said, “Don, I just met the Junior Counselor in the hall and he said this was a single room and I did not have a roommate. So who the hell are you?”

He nodded his head and said, “He’s right. This is a single room. I moved in here in September 1958 and I have been here since then. You are the first roommate I have had in four years. None of the others ever stayed. Until you got here, I have been alone.

Why didn’t you leave when you found that the room was occupied?” I answered, “I requested a single room but wrote that I would accept a roommate if a single room wasn’t available. So I moved in.”