ODDS AND ENDS: Stories and Essays From the Sixties is a collection of thirty essays or stories written betwe1959 and 1969. One or more could be labeled: Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, or Satire. They were written while the author was in high school, college, and seminary in the sixties. They have never been published before. They are in the order for the best read. However, you can read them in any order that you choose. I hope you will enjoy reading them.


Once upon a time there lived beside a sea shore, very intelligent creatures called Linques. They were hardy mammals and practiced evolution wholeheartedly. In time, the science of Philosophy was developed and all Linques became practical philosophers. One of the more brilliant Linques discovered, in his spare time, Truth and was so distraught by its consequences that he died without leaving a single disciple.

This brilliant Linque’s untimely death was a mystery to all of his acquaintances. All of these Linques pondered though none could conceive an answer. Finally, these Linques delegated one of the more plodding of their numbers (who wasn’t good for much else anyway) to solve the mystery.