Sixth Volume of Poetry: Falling in Love Again is my sixth volume of poetry. These poems were written between October 15, 1980 and December 13, 1981. They were written for and about one of my lovers. We had a wonderful courtship for about two months before the realities around us began to close in and separate us. Even then, it took over a year before we parted company.
I hope you will enjoy reading it. I try to share with you all of the feelings I had as I wrote the poems. Every one of us has to struggle to be good and kind and loving.
I have loved many girls and women in my life. And a part of me still loves them all. I wish you a lifetime of loving and caring for others and being loved and cared for.


Dream on Dreamer,
In solitary pleasure
or lonely pain
One Day
Your dreams
And the Reality
That surrounds you
Will coincide

April 11, 1981