In July 1910 Summer is home from college. Her favorite thing is to ride her horse up into Eagle Mountain and swim in a secluded pool. She is caught alone.

After keeping her captive for hours, her assailant releases her hands and rides up the mountain and disappears. It is too dangerous for Summer to go up or down the mountain in the dark. She camps out overnight.

Her father and his crew find her early the next morning. They track the man down. They corner him in the saloon and the Sheriff kills him. But was it the right man?

Her doctor tells her she is not pregnant and to go back to college. At her Homecoming Dance in October, she falls in love with Mark, a football player from Wyoming.

She invites Mark to her October Fest party at her residence that next weekend. He promises to come even though he has a football game in Nebraska that day. But before they can see each other again, she is kicked out of her residence and forced to go home due to her condition.

The doctor promises to take her baby to a foundling home in Chicago. But at the last minute, Summer decides to keep her baby girl, even though it will ruin her life forever.

In the meantime, Mark cannot get Summer out of his mind. But he is on a scholarship and cannot look for her until he graduates. When he finds her, he is given the choice, take the job as housekeeper or leave. What young man raised on a ranch in 1912 would take a job as a housekeeper? How does Summer find true love and get revenge? Read and find out.