This is A Modern Christmas Fable about an Angel whose wings are so full of dew that she cannot fly and falls into a tulip bloom in the Land of Imps and Elves and how she helps the Imps and Elves learn how to celebrate Christmas.


PAGES 20-22
“Where are you going, angel?” the imps wondered.
The angel answered, “I was going to a birthday party.”
“A birthday party!” the elves chanted.
The angel said, “The most important birthday party in the whole world.”
“Whose birthday party is today?” the imps wondered.
“You don’t know?” asked the astonished angel.
The elves and the imps shook their heads.
“It really isn’t a birthday party for a person today,” the angel laughed. “It’s a birthday party for an idea!”
“For an idea?” the imps chanted.
“What idea, angel?” asked the elves.
“What idea, angel?” the imps echoed.
The angel explained, “Many years ago, a very good man discovered that Love is more important than anything
else in the whole world. This man was disappointed that Love never receives the attention it deserves: Everyone takes Love for granted!
That wonderful man noticed that everybody likes birthday parties. He decided that Love needed a birthday so that Love could have a birthday party.”