If you would like to know about a character, the origin of a story, or anything else about my books, just ask.  I will do my best to answer your question.

About Before my Shotgun Wedding:  This story started out as a confession. I wrote it in 1961 when I was recovering from an illness. It was intended for a magazine that liked people to write in stories about how they found the love of their life. It was originally called “the reluctant Bridegroom” because the boy never intended to marry the girl. They were just friends and kept their relationship platonic because neither one of them could have coped with anything serious. And then, the “father” of the bride got out the shotgun and they were forced to come to terms with their deeper feelings for each other very suddenly. There is a sequel, but it is for adults. Enjoy the book.

About First Eighty-five Poems: This is volume 1. Eventually I will have 7 volumes of poetry sharing the poetry I wrote during my life. Most of my poems were written in letters to friends and lovers. Sometimes i wrote songs just for fun. Other times a poem would come to me as i was thinking about something. Like a dog wagging its tail. I’ll bet that each of you can do the same thing. Share your feelings. Even if it is writing them down just for yourself.

About Meld School Runaway: I hope you enjoy the book. If you want to find out more about Jeanne as an adult, read Triangulation. It is volume 2 of a 3 volume series. Volume 1 tells about her genetic ancestor, Volume 3 about her children. Enjoy.

About When the Dew Fell on the Okra: As I tell at the back of this book, I wrote this as way to say thank you to people who helped me think about things while I was in college. It was originally typed single-space on two sheets of paper taped together like a book. I xeroxed it and gave it to several people in January 1967 when I graduated from college. I was thinking about an essay Martin Buber wrote when he was a student. And the poem by Christina Rossetti “love came down at Christmas.” Enjoy the book. I hope to publish others that I have written and have yet to put into the computer get illustrated.  Happy Reading.  Paul David Robinson

Paul David Robinson

Paul David Robinson